SVS are proud to be Vet Nurse Plus, NZVNA and NZVA Diamond Sponsors, we also sponsor a number of other organisations / groups in the Veterinary Health industry as we are dedicated to helping industry partners prosper to their full potential.

Vet Nurse Plus

Vet Nurse Plus is a boutique private training establishment dedicated to providing excellence in veterinary nurse education. Since 2005, they’ve been producing high quality, qualified veterinary nurses that are sought after by the veterinary industry.

Located in Albany and Botany in Auckland, Vet Nurse Plus delivers the NZQA approved New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. A two year qualification with a strong practical component, students gain extensive hands on experience in multiple veterinary practices during this time. By working closely with the industry, Vet Nurse Plus maximises graduate relevancy and employability – over 70% of their veterinary nurse graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

The organisation has a strong focus on providing quality learner experiences. Classes are kept small and interactive, with qualified & experienced veterinary nurse and veterinarian tutors providing students one-to-one support and guidance.

Vet Nurse Plus also provides various continuing education events for the NZ veterinary nursing community, delivering seminars or conferences on veterinary topics of interest.

Further information about Vet Nurse Plus and their programmes can be found at