Mindray Z60Vet Ultrasound

Mindray Z60Vet Ultrasound
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Mindray Z60Vet Ultrasound


A well balanced ultrasound system, the Mindray Z60Vet demonstrates an ideal combination of image enhancing technologies and convenient workflow applications, packaged together in a portable system built with budget constraints in mind.

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Product Description

The Z60 Vet is a powerful and versatile Colour Doppler system which provides the best solution for veterinary ultrasound imaging with excellent performance.

Due to the comprehensive configurations, dedicated veterinary workflow and integrated design, you can be assured of outstanding ultrasound experience in both large and companion animals. Packed with professional innovative technology inside this smart portable system makes Z60 Vet a perfect veterinary ultrasound system with excellent image quality and various advanced features.

Veterinary scanning modes: B, Color, PW, CW, Power, M, Free Xros M
Veterinary transducer variety: Micro-Convex, Linear, Convex, Phased array, Endocavity
Veterinary applications: reproductive organs, abdomen, cardiac, tendinous, small parts and more
Veterinary exam packages: Measurement, Comment, Report and Body mark designed for canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine and more

PW/CW Doppler: Auto Doppler trace and calculation
Color M: includes Color Flow M mode and Color Tissue M mode
Auto IMT: Automatic measurement for veterinary
Intima-Media Thickness
Tissue Doppler Imaging: Full functional (TVI, TEI, TVM,TVD)
ECG module for veterinary cardiology analysis

iTouchTM : Quick image optimization in one touch
iZoomTM : Instant full screen image expansion with one button
User-dened keys: programmable personalised operations
tailored for veterinarian

60 degree tilting angle adjustable monitor
Integrated design with internal AC power adapter
1.5h uninterrupted scanning with rechargeable battery
15 inch High Definition monitor with full screen design
Water-proof protection cover designed for veterinary keyboard
Backlit control panel designed for veterinary diagnosis in clinics
Can be packed in a convenient hand-carried bag for easy transportation


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