Vetchannel is an electronic interface that directly integrates with the RX-Works, VetLink and VisionVPM software packages, giving the user the ability to view and order stock from SVS via their own practice management software packages without the use of third party add on solutions.

  • Ability to view stock availability & pricing before order placement in real time
  • Faster and easier to place orders allowing more time to be spent on core business activities. Great for your time management
  • Safe in the knowledge that what you are ordering is what you are getting…rules out misinterpretation of faxes and phone calls
  • Amend your pricing details before stock arrives
  • Take control of the paper war by minimising backorders…less invoices…quicker statement reconciliation
  • Ability to add to a purchase order all day and to simply send it through when you are ready in the knowledge that it will be printing at a SVS warehouse within minutes
  • Allows for the easier and faster entering of stock at inwards goods. The information on the purchase order is captured to create the goods receipt

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Barry Gibb
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