petMAP+II Multi-parameter Monitor

petMAP+II Multi-parameter Monitor

petMAP+II Multi-parameter Monitor

Blood pressure and Temperature
Add ‘plug and play’ EtCO2 and ECG modules at anytime

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Product Description

The new petMAP+II handheld BP/TEMP Veterinary Monitoring Device Provides:

Proven petMAP BP technology with PPO (PetMAP Proprietary Optimizations) Species and cuff site setting

Seven sizes of BP cuff included

Temperature monitor using rectal or esophageal probe

Plug and play EtCO2 and ECG modules available, add at any time*

Easy to use “no menu” touch screen display

Real-time display of BP oscillometric “envelope”

Selectable automatic BP cycle times

Tabular display of readings and NSV in Clinic Mode

Graphic display of last 45 readings in OR Mode

SD memory card stores trend data and screen shots

NiMH batteries and wall charger

Optional pole mount and cover

*ECG Module displays ECG waveform and HR
3 electrode system; lead II for HR

*EtCO2 Module, mainstream system
Provides capnograph, CO2 numerics (EtCO2, Insp CO2, Rt CO2) and Resp Rate from CO2
Includes large and small airway adapters


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