Forceps – Clamps

Forceps – Clamps

Forceps – Clamps

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Product Description

J&J Instruments are manufactured by expert craftsman from high-grade surgical stainless steel
These instruments are known for their reliance, uniformity, balance and strength
Each instrument has been tested and manufactured to CE specifications

Rochester Pean
912740 Straight 140mm
912750 Curved  140mm
912760 Straight 155mm
912770 Straight 175mm
912780 Curved  200mm
912790 Straight 200mm

Rochester Carmalt
912710 Straight 155mm
912720 Curved  155mm
16008   Straight 200mm
913950 Curved  200mm

Ferguson Angiotribe
923410 Straight 160mm
923411 Curved   160mm
912690 Straight 180mm
912700 Curved  180mm

Allis Tissue Forceps 4:5 teeth
912820 150mm

Allis Tissue Forceps 5:6 teeth
912830 150mm


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