Needle Holders

Needle Holders

Needle Holders


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Product Description

J&J Instruments are manufactured by expert craftsman from high-grade surgical stainless steel
These instruments are known for their reliance, uniformity, balance and strength
Each instrument has been tested and manufactured to CE specifications

912290 140mm
912300 160mm
912350 190mm

Olsen-Hegar Tungsten Tip
912320 140mm
912330 160mm
912340 175mm
912310 190mm

Mathieu Standard Pattern
912380 140mm

Mathieu Tungsten Tip, Delicate Pattern
912390 125mm

912420 140mm
912430 150mm
912440 175mm

Mayo-Hegar Tungsten Tip
912450 140mm
912460 185mm

912470 145mm


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