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Key fill
Cage mount or Selectatec Tec 3 Vaporiser

Calibrated for the specified anaesthetic drug using a laser refractometer
Temperature, flow, and duration of use compensation
Safety lock to help prevent accidental turn-on of dial
Unique colour coded parts relevant to drug bottle colour, prevents errors when administering the anaesthetic agent
One piece sump for added strength
Compact wick system for increased drug capacity
Manufactured in lightweight aluminium

Normal working range:
Fresh gas flow – 200cc to 15 litres/minute period
Ambient temperature -18°c to 35°c

Resistance to gas flow:
5cm H²O at “OFF” setting at 5 litre/minute oxygen
21 – 29cm H²O when delivering vapour in 5 litre/minute oxygen at 21°C

Calibrated at 22°C
Calibration range 0.5% through to 5% v.v in 0.5% increments
Fluctuations in temperature, flow rate, and duration of use is automatically compensated for during use
When used with the I.P.P.V. the variation in outputs is negligible

Liquid Capacity:
Amount of anaesthetic drug to fully charge the vaporiser = 150ml
Amount retained by the wick system = 60ml

Weight & Dimensions:
Weight = 4kg
Height  = 185mm
Depth   = 140mm
Width   = 135mm

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