Products Cages

Attention has been paid to the overall design and finishing, ensuring these cages are the ideal modular system for your clinic

  • Double point removable slam gates
  • 5mm anti spill lip on front floor of cages
  • Loop bars on top and bottoms of gates
  • Double cages have reinforced floors
  • Divider panels available for doudle cages
  • Cages are manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel mobile castor base with locking wheels

Single Door Cages
923273 60.96cm 24″ (W) x 60.96cm 24″ (H)
923274 60.96cm 24″ (W) x 76.20cm 30″ (H)
All cages 71.70cm deep

Double Cages (with double door)
916530 121.92cm 48″ (W) x 60.96cm 24″ (H)
923271 121.92cm 48″ (W) x 76.20cm 30″ (H)
923272 121.92cm 48″ (W) x 91.44cm 36″ (H)
All cages 71.70cm deep

Mobile Base (with castors)
923276 121.92cm (L) x 71.75cm (W)
923275 182.88cm (L) x 71.75cm (W)
916580 243.84cm (L) x 71.75cm (W)

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