Midmark Cardell Touch Monitor

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Midmark Cardell Touch Monitor


Sidestream or Mainstream CO2. World Class Cardell® BP and Nellcor™ SpO2



    10.5″ touch screen makes patient set up faster and easier or use the traditional-style buttons located below the screen
    Redesigned menus and improved controls allow for intuitive navigation
    Smaller, lighter form factor allows for easy transportation without sacrificing visibility

    World Class Cardell® BP, Nellcor™ SpO2, and upgrade to CO2 monitoring at any time by adding a Respironics sidestream or mainstream CO2 module
    Phasein Multigas available
    Enhanced ECG data export capabilities
    USB port for downloading patient data
    Customizable alarm settings for up to three users
    Optional integrated 3-channel graphical printer
    2-year warranty

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