Newmed VetAssure B18 & B23 Steriliser

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Newmed VetAssure B18 & B23 Steriliser

Class B Autoclave by  Newmed – a Midmark company


    The Newmed VetAssure is a reliable, cost-effective unit for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use.
    With the combination of vacuum, pressure and temperature, the Newmed VetAssure offers steam penetration into every type of load. The vacuum pulse at the end of the cycle provides fast, effective, and full drying of the load.
    The VetAssure B18 standard 18L chamber is ideal for general veterinary use in small and medium-sized practices.
    Alternatively, consider the longer-chambered 23L version, which still sits comfortably on a standard workbench.

    B18 dimensions:
    610mm L x 505mm W x 400mm H
    Chamber depth: 381mm
    Chamber width: 245mm
    Weight: 56kg

    B23 dimensions:
    695mm L x 505mm W x 400mm H
    Chamber depth: 530mm
    Chamber width: 235mm
    Weight: 60kg

    Water options:
    Good quality steam can only be produced if good quality water is used in its generation.
    That’s why the Newmed VetAssure sterilisers offer a range of flexible water solutions to assist you in consistently feeding the unit with water of the desired quality.
    How you choose to fill and drain your unit is entirely up to you, depending on your throughput and proximity to utilities.

    Your unit can be completely stand-alone:
    In this instance, you fill the internal reservoir using the integral self-priming pump.
    This reduces manual handling and spillage risk during filling and the reservoir holds enough water for up to 10 cycles.
    There is also an internal tank that holds the dirty water until you are ready to empty it, again this is only necessary after several cycles.

    Your unit can be permanently plumbed in:
    If you have your own treated water supply, you have the option to permanently plumb the unit in and connect to your practice drainage system.
    This further minimises the manual handling burden on your staff by eradicating the need to carry heavy water supplies to and from the unit.

    Or you can combine the two:
    For example, manual water feed with a plumbed-in drain or a plumbed-in water feed and a manual drain.

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