Vmed Vet-Dop 2 Doppler System

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Vmed Vet-Dop 2 Doppler System

The Doppler designed for Veterinarians

    Designed for dogs, cats and exotics
    Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, up to 40 hours use between charges
    Sensitive, durable transducer
    Minimal background noise
    One year parts and labour warranty

    The Doppler designed for veterinarians
    The Vmed Vet-Dop 2 combines state of the art microelectronics with a sensitive, focused transducer to produce a user friendly Doppler designed especially for veterinary applications.
    Maximum sensitivity and low background noise reduce the time required to perform routine blood pressure measurements and ensure accurate results every time
    Initial and on-going staff training is always available with the video DVD included
    The Vet-Dop is sold complete with all accessories, including a storage pouch, headphones, sphyg, 6 x BP cuffs and charger for the Lithium-ion battery
    Improved transducer and cable design ensure excellent durability over many years of use

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