GIMA Electrosurgery Unit – Mono / Bipolar

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GIMA Electrosurgery Unit – Mono / Bipolar

Diatermo MB122 120watt

    The GIMA Diatermo MB 122 is an electrosurgical unit suitable to perform monopolar or bipolar electrosurgery
    By selection of the modes of operation, it will provide pure cut, coagulated cut, forced coagulation, soft coagulation, and, with forceps, bipolar coagulation
    The use of either split or normal neutral plate is allowed
    This advanced device enables highly professional surgery thanks to ergonomic and safety features derived from high-power theater apparatus

    Standard Accessories include:

    • Single-use two button handle
    • Operative foot-switch (usable as an alternative to handle)
    • Flat neutral plate
    • Kit of 6 short autoclavable electrodes (2.4mm x 50mm)
    • 150mm Bipolar Forceps with 0.5mm tips, Autoclavable
    • Bipolar Cable

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