GIMA Syringe Pump SP-8800

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GIMA Syringe Pump SP-8800

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    The GIMA SP-8800 provides easy syringe installation through a one-touch method and a simple setup process with its numerical silicon keypad

    Colour LCD displays infusion information
    Shortcut keys for frequent functions
    K.V.O. rate, purge rate, bolus and anti bolus can be set
    Flexible flow volume setting
    Full program dosage feature (optional) automatically calculates flow rate by patient’s weight etc
    Keep Vein Open (K. V. O.) feature: once preset value is reached, the pump converts to low flow speed of 0.1 ml/h automatically, to prevent flow route clog due to blood coagulation
    Standard preset compatibility with BD and TERUMO syringes
    Each pump can be calibrated for up to 10 different syringes

    Alarm and notification feature notifies of errors and emergencies
    LED light and buzzer, simultaneous visual and audio alarm
    Occlusion error range setting, set the pressure level of occlusion stage from High, Medium and Low by patient’s age/condition
    Mains and battery operated
    Supplied with rechargeable battery

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