Vet HDO Blood Pressure Monitor

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Vet HDO Blood Pressure Monitor

High Definition Oscillometry, with Bluetooth

    The new “Gold Standard”
    HDO is the first and only validated non-invasive blood pressure device and, as such, it is the only successful non-invasive reference technique that should be used in future validation studies
    Minimal training, repeatable and reproducible readings can be obtained after just one hour’s training

    The HDO Blood Pressure Monitor uses precise measurement of arterial wall oscillations (vibrations) by pulse waves
    Visualisation of blood pressure, reading as real time graph
    Isolates artifacts (eg. blips caused by movement) due to high definition
    Algorithm determines systolic, mean and diastolic pressures, along with pulse rate
    Readings in 8-15 seconds on cats

    No limitations during anaesthesia, as the HDO effectively detects drug-related cardiovascular changes
    Easy to use, with controlled linear cuff deflation
    Loop function to allow regular measurements during anaesthesia, independent of nurses

    Connects to a computer system via Bluetooth for visualisation using the MD Software, save all recordings for future reference
    Simple analysis of cardio-vascular conditions, owing to PWA (pulse wave analysis)
    Visual assessment and visual control

    Includes 3 cuffs:
    Cat, small dog and large dog

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